A Thing or Two about Postal Uniform Socks

Postal Uniform SocksAt Postal Uniforms Direct, we carry two sizes of postal uniform socks, the sock size 9-11 and the sock size 10-13.  Socks styles are specified by numbers, and if you need a smaller sock, select a sock style number with the letter F. 

The sock size 9-11 is a good fit for anyone wearing a men’s shoe size 9 and smaller, or ladies up to size 9. 

The sock size 10-13 is for those in men’s shoe size 9.5 & up, and ladies in size 9 & up. 

Questions for postal uniform socks:

Do you prefer your postal socks to be Cotton or Acrylic fabric? Ankle or Crew? (Ankle are the short ones, Crew is half way up the leg.) Blue, white or black? 

Socks are important…know your socks!

A few of the postal uniform socks that we carry at Postal Uniforms Direct:

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