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CCA postal uniform programRumor has it that there are a lot of frustrated City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) out there, hoping to find a dependable postal uniform vendor.  Unfortunately, the tedious process of obtaining a letter of authorization signed by the facility manager, coupled with finding a vendor willing to take the time and energy to assist with this process has discouraged many CCAs.

At Postal Uniforms Direct, we are here to help.  We provide high-quality postal uniforms including shirts, pants, footwear, outerwear and accessories, made in the USA when possible!

We offer the same ordering options to CCAs as we do all of our postal employee customers.  You can call or fax in your order, as well as order from our website. [Click here for complete instructions on how to place a postal uniform order with Postal Uniforms Direct.]

The difference between a CCA order and most other USPS employee’s order becomes the process of receiving payment and the eventual shipment of your uniform items.

Upon receiving your postal uniform order, we require that you to submit to us a signed and completed Letter of Authorization (view M-01822 for sample) so that we can send your local manager the invoice to be certified and paid.  Once we have received of payment, your order will be shipped, USPS Priority mail (of course!).  The amount of time it takes to complete this process is dependent upon the speed at which each party involved expedites the completion of their roll.

For more information on the CCA uniform program,  M-01822 located on the NALC website provides details on the annual uniform allowance for CCA employees, as well as information on the procedures, instructions and a sample letter from the USPS to authorized uniform vendors.

(If you are unsure on what uniform items to order and other information, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) website provides some excellent information, click here.)

We look forward to providing CCAs with the same level of commitment and dedication that we have been serving all postal employees with for the past 15 years.

Angelina Madison
Your Postal Uniform Girl
Postal Uniforms Direct

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2 Responses to CCA’s – We’ve got you covered!

  1. Glenn Slaton says:

    Appreciate your information on CCA’s and the ordeal we have to go through to get uniforms; however, I’m still not able to order even after a year, and well past my 3-month probation period.
    What can I do to get into a PROPER AND COMPLETE uniform? NOT professional to be on the street in “hand-me-downs”.
    Willing to pay for my own purchases.

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