Keepin’ it Cool

Summertime Postal UniformsWith temperatures and heat indexes above 100 across the nation, there’s no denying that summer has officially arrived.  Not everyone has the option of simply staying indoors.

Here are a few great tips to help you keep cool:

Probably the first thing that you want to do as a postal employee is make sure that you are wearing your summer-weight trousers, pants, cullotes, etc.  Additionally, cotton socks tend to breath better than acryllic. Light colors are preferred to dark colors in the summer, so you may want to consider the white cotton ankle sock.

Of course, you will want to wear sun glasses to protect your eyes and wear a wide-brimmed hat to cover the most exposed part of your body, your head.

Here are a few postal regulation headwear selections at Postal Uniforms Direct that were designed to help you keep cool:

Perhaps a bit extreme, but if it gets really hot, you may want to invert your hat and pour cold water into it then put it on!

Other tips for keeping cool:

  • Keep a spray bottle filled with water available to mist your face.
  • If your work space doesn’t have a fan, consider purchasing a small, battery operated hand fan.
  • Stay hydrated. Avoid caffiene as it causes dehydration.
  • If allowed, take a small cooler filled with ice and water bottles with you!

We hope you have enjoyed some of these tips.  What are some other ways you have found to stay cool while on the job with USPS?

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