Postal Rainwear: Good, Better and Best

With the Spring Rains just around the corner, it is time to talk about Postal Rainwear.  At Postal Uniforms Direct, we offer four different choices in Postal Rainwear.  [click here to view our full line of Postal certified rainwear]

The least expensive of our postal rainwear line includes the Full Length Postal Rain Coat, Postal Rain Cape, Parka and Rain Pants. All are all made of Denier Nylon, the very plastic feeling rainwear.  It will keep you dry, but it does not breathe, so you will have condensation build up under it that can cause a damp feeling.

The ‘better‘ postal rainwear in the Parka and Pants is a bit more breathable and not quite as plastic feeling as the least expensive line. A good middle of the road choice for rainwear.

Which leads us to the best, which would be the Gore Tex and the New Outerwear Parka Shell and Pants.  These are both wonderful products.  You will be dry and comfortable. Both are very expensive, so be sure to utilize them over your winter wear as well.

Click here to view the full line of Postal certified rainwear provided by Postal Uniforms Direct.

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