Postal Uniform History (Part 12)

Pretty Much Status Quo Since the 90’s

postal-uniform-history2001Very few changes have occurred with the postal uniform since the 1990’s “new look for a new century” with the exception of phasing out the men’s and women’s long and short-sleeved shirts, and men’s and women’s shirt-jacs, with alternating pinstripes of red and blue, that was introduced in September, 1991.

In early 2011, postal uniform guidelines changed the cloth of these items to a solid powder blue.

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  1. Cecil Nunez says:

    I haven’t been employed with the Postal Service for very long. The phasing out of the Red and Blue alternating pinstripes was certainly a True Love I had for the uniform. I certainly hope someone can help bring back our lost Pinstripes of the 90’s…

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