How Wide is Wide?

new balance postal walking shoeWe are talking about postal uniform shoes!

Now, contrary to popular belief, your shoe size most likely is not the same as it was when you graduated from High School. What is, right? Having your feet measured by a professional would be ideal, but perhaps not convenient.

So, take a look at the shoes you have. How are the sizes running? Mostly one certain size, varying by a 1/2 size or so?

Now, for your postal shoe width

The average person purchases and wears normal/medium width in postal shoes.

One of our most popular questions about postal shoes is, “How wide is wide? Is it a lot wider, than medium?”

Well, here’s the thing, when you are checking your shoes, the width will be listed. Usually by an M or W, or perhaps a XW. Or it may be listed as AA, B, D, EE. Depending on the manufacturer, these letters will indicate the width of the shoe.

If all the shoes you have are listed as a D or Medium width, and they aren’t protruding over the sole at the pinky toe area, then you are most likely still in a medium width shoe. If you can see that the shoes are clearly bulging over at the pinky toe area, or if new postal shoes really pinch that area, it is time for a Wide Width, or even a 1/2 size larger in a shoe.

All shoes run different in size and width. All Postal Shoes are manufactured in the United States (which by the way, includes Puerto Rico), so the sizing may be a bit different than shoes which are not.

Your feet are your livelihood, be good to them. Choose your postal shoes and your shoe sizes wisely.

At Postal Uniforms Direct, we carry postal shoes from a variety of manufacturs including:

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