Time to Lighten Up Your Postal Uniform

You work hard carrying the mail.  You shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable because your uniform doesn’t breathe.

Popular year-round, but especially during the warmer months, below are a few of our TOP Postal Postal Spring & Summer Uniform Items:



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2 Responses to Time to Lighten Up Your Postal Uniform

  1. daylyn finnegan says:

    daylyn finnegan
    163 Pleasant St.
    Claremont, NH 03743
    603-504-6683; dayfinn@yahoo.com
    Hanover, NH Post Office

    May 10, 2017
    To Whom It May Concern:
    My name is daylyn finnegan and I have been a Letter Carrier with the Hanover, NH Post Office since March 2017. I have an 11 to 13 mile mostly-walking route based in downtown Hanover. I enjoy my job and the customers on route. My primary concern for this letter is the Letter Carrier Uniform.
    It should come as no surprise that men and women are built differently. However, what is surprising is that most of the mail carrier gear is geared toward men; the women’s clothing has very few options. “Unisex” gear is built primarily for men; it does not fit women well at all.
    It would not surprise me if the Letter Carrier clothing has not changed much since the profession started. There seem to be very little updated choices, styles, or fabrics. As a petite woman, there are no pants that I can find to fit me. I have ordered both men’s and women’s, multiple sizes, and none fits. Even after extensive, expensive tailoring, the pants and shorts have failed to fit me properly. The rise of the pants is so that I have to fold over the waistband so as to not have the crotch hanging down, hindering my movement. This look is not very professional. I have had to supplement my uniform with pairs of petite pants from L.L. Bean with a stripe sewn down the side.
    Also, the style of pants that sits on the waist for women is outdated. No woman under 40 has ever worn pants on their waist. These days we wear pants on our hips, which allows for easier movement, which should be paid attention to in a profession where we are moving all day.
    I have a high-mileage route. There do not seem to be many options in shoes for high-mileage walking women. I have been purchasing my own shoes, but I’d prefer to use some of my clothing allowance on shoes that are able to cover, comfortably, 11 to 13 miles daily in all kinds of weather.
    All of the jackets in the catalog are built for men but are identified as “unisex.” That means they do not allow for the bosom, the waist, the arms are too long, and the overall length of the jacket is too big. I have two hand-me-down jackets and neither fits me appropriately. Women’s cut coats would be a great addition. A better fit would allow me to move more easily and look more professional.
    New England is a cold climate, and as a carrier with a walking route, I need to wear a dry-fit base layer. There are none sold in the catalogs, so we cannot spend our allowance on these items. I noticed that NALC has women’s dry-fit long sleeved shirts with thumb holes. We should have the option to buy something like that with our clothing allowance. We should also have a dry-fit skort available. Our job is to be moving all day. Clothing that helps, not hinders movement, should be the norm.
    My fellow carriers have also supported the idea of dark blue or navy Polo Shirts and Button- downs. The light blue color stains and looks shoddy very easily. Perhaps stain-resistant shirts could be an option, but a darker color would help cover some stains. A dry-fit T-shirt would be a great option as a base layer or for the summer months. Many carriers I spoke to consider this to be a great idea.
    Please consider my comments and understand that with the clothing allowance given, we would like to wear clothes that help project our professional image and can allow us to do our jobs comfortably. Clothes that are too large or fit incorrectly are a hindrance. There needs to be more women-specific clothing in a profession that is changing its demographics.
    If you would like to speak with me about these topics more fully, please contact me at the information at the top of this letter. Thank you for your time.
    daylyn finnegan

    • angelina says:

      Thank you for writing this very thoughtful comment. I’ve passed the information on to our department manager.

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