Top 10 Things NOT to Ask the Mailman/Woman

Top 10 Things NOT to ask a mailman or mailwomanWe asked, you answered…

[drumroll please]

The Top 10 Things NOT to Ask a Mailman/Woman:

10. You like dogs?

9. Could you not give me any junk mail?

8. You can keep the bills!

7. Where’s my package?

6.  Rain, sleet or snow, huh?

5.  Are you done yet? (when they just watched you pull up to the NBU’s!!)

4. My dog doesn’t bite.

3. Is it cold (or wet or hot) enough for you, mailman? [tied with #2]

2. Where’s my check,they said they already sent it two weeks ago! [tied with #3]

And the #1 thing NOT to ask the mailman/woman IS…

1. Why do you put this in my mailbox, they don’t live here (“CURRENT RESIDENT”)

We want to thank everyone that participated!  If you have a fun Top 10 you think postal employees would enjoy participating in, please send us an email or post on Facebook!


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12 Responses to Top 10 Things NOT to Ask the Mailman/Woman

  1. Lindsey Poupart says:

    Being a Rural Carrier,a big shout out to Slidell, LA Post Office, I can totally relate to many of these lol! It’s all good though.

  2. Irish says:

    The worst thing I have heard is What is it like knowing you have wasted your life? My response was Don’t rub it in!

  3. paulyn roberson says:

    my number one after carring mail for over 29 years would be “How do I stop getting junk mail”

  4. Richard says:

    here in Del Rio, Texas when they ask how hot is it in those trucks ? my response is i feel like i’m driving around in an oven on 4 wheels!!!

  5. I love my job, you know why! Cause everyday you learned something different,too many comedians out there, lotta love from B’klyn, n.y. peace

  6. Mailmanbob says:

    I can relate to ‘Richard from Del Rio’ comment. Here in Texas when they ask how hot it is in those mail trucks, I tell them it is my ‘Easy Bake’ oven. They say, Yeah, but you have a dash fan don’t you? I say, Yes, that just turns it into a confection oven and makes sure I’m well done all over. lol

  7. Marc Cumberland says:

    My favorite question from a customer was…..
    “How much does a stamp cost for just local delivery”

  8. Lenee Graham says:

    My thing is when its hot out and customers open the door to get their mail and they say oooooh its hot out there huh are sweating like crazy! Do you want a bottle of water….its not cold though…REALLY?!

  9. Ben Castro says:

    When asked if the postal vehicle has air condition ? My reply is ” yes but it’s Mexican air condition, don’t you see that my windows are rolled down !”

  10. Charles Hill says:

    When someone says they don’t want any bills. I say these are Williams

  11. Mailmanmike says:

    Anymore when I am asked if I have their check. I just tell them, that I spent it.

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