Postal Uniforms Direct is Postal Proud

Postal Uniforms Direct is #postalproud

Postal Uniforms Direct is #postalproud

On December 4, of 2015 the postal service announced a new initiative, #PostalProud.  The purpose of the initiative within the Postal Service is to promote employee pride and to emphasize core USPS principles, such as accurate scanning and delivering with care.

At Postal Uniforms Direct, we are #PostalProud because it brings us honor to serve the employees of the Postal Industry with the finest quality, Union Made in the USA postal uniforms.  We are #PostalProud because we have seen, time and time again, how the USPS employee rises up to go beyond what is expected of them.

Employees like Letter Carrier Aaron Beckstrom of Alliance, Nebraska who was delivering mail on a cold day when he noticed a man having trouble climbing the steps. Beckstrom helped the man up the steps safely and into his home. [read Aaron’s postal hero story here]

Or, Letter Carrier Norma Trapper Lockport, New York who called the utility company was when she smelled gas coming from a meter near the front door of a home where she was making a delivery.  [read Norma’s postal hero story here]

Almost every day, we read stories of postal employees who bring honor to the USPS with their heroic actions.  [check out the United States Postal Service’s Link Postal Heroes’ Corner here] We know, that for every story that is written, for every postal employee who is recognized, there are thousands of others who go unrecognized.

We want to say THANK YOU, to ALL postal heroes, sung or unsung.

At Postal Uniforms Direct, WE ARE #PostalProud

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    dose anyone make non polyester pants?

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